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Coucou Brooklyn is a NYC-based French language school which offers intimate, culturally savvy, native-taught French classes.

We’re also a community, allowing students to meet and converse with fellow francophiles over a cup of coffee, browse our library, attend film screenings, etc in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Brooklyn Classes

In our main Williamsburg location, we offer two types of weekly group classes in the daytime, evenings and weekends: a regular format in groups of 9 people, and an intensive “semi-private” format in groups of 4 people.

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Manhattan Classes

As of January 2015, we are offering group classes in the beautiful offices of Fueled at the corner of Broadway and Prince Street in SoHo – classes are held in the evening Monday through Thursday.

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Private Lessons

Meet privately with one of our teachers at flexible times; a curriculum made to fit your specific needs and interests and adapted to your own pace.

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French in NYC

French is just one of the many languages spoken in the city, but the love story between New York and all things French is an enduring one.

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Come and join our fun, culturally-savvy events throughout the year – art shows, film screenings, wine tastings and everything in between!

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